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Hello Boat Racing fans around the world,

It is long past time to give you all an update.

First, we would like to say Thank You to Eustis for a spectacular job of getting the new thermocouples completed.  Jesse was the man in getting this project handled in a quick and clean period.  Tony made the probes exactly to what we needed in a perfect fit to an odd application.  Both the length and routing of them in the boat is pretty much a one of a kind deal.  These people did not bat an eye, just asked what we wanted and attacked it with best game plan to a great finish.  Where can you walk into a company that treats you like a friend, hand makes what you need and makes it so it fits the way you want it to and do it in short order time so we can make the first race of the year?  Get your phone and call www.eustispyrocom.com, for all your needs.  Thanks guys!

The K boat is just about ready to leave for Puddingstone.  We will finish a few wiring mods this week, fire it up and make sure things are a go, get it in the trailer and head out next Wednesday.  The motor is fresh off the dyno, and makes over a 1000 ft lbs torq from 4,000-7,000 rpm.  Probably a good thing Charlie got a hair cut just so it did not get caught in the throttle blades now!  Engine seems happy with the tune up at this point, now it is time to get it back on the water and unleash all that Foster power.

The ProStock has been a little bit on the back burner as we have been working on the K and on the Hondo.  The Hondo is for sale now and ready for your engine.  It has been re-rigged by Charlie and has a very nice detail job too.

Check out the schedule listed here for a race near you,

See you at the races soon,
The Tribal Thunder





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